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  • SATA Overview

    SATA, as a subsidiary of the Apex Tool Group, focuses on providing medium-end and high-end industrial tools, automotive equipment, and personal protective equipment in the international market. Its products find applications in various industries such as automobile repair, electricity and power grid, electronics and communications, machinery manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, and rail transit.

    4 IN1 Box End Ratcheting Wrench
    Star Product

    4 IN1 Box End Ratcheting Wrench

    One 4 IN 1 Box End Ratcheting Wrench has four specifications, easy to operate;
    72 gears inside enable it to operate when turning 5°;
    Using electroplating technology and CRV materials.
    EVA Tool Set
    New Product Launch

    EVA Tool Set

    Rafted for pros, tailored to different job requirements
    Dimensions: 187x377x33mm, suitable for most SATA tool carts
    Modular design, flexible combination, improve efficiency
    Basic Tool Set
    New Product Launch

    Basic Tool Set

    EVA embossed treatment, crack-resistant,
    Eye-catching labels, easy to access
    Foldable lining, double-sided tool placement, double capacity
    Plastic handle, easy to carry
    NEV VDE Tool Set
    New Product Launch

    20pc NEV VDE Tool Set
    39pc NEV VDE Tool Set

    Meet the most basic needs of NEV maintenance for insulation tools
    Blow box easy to carry
    Comply with requirements of JT/T 1344-2020 for insulating tools
    Insulation tools comply with IEC/EN 60900 standards, passby test of VDE certification
    Variable Speed Fan
    New Product Launch

    Variable Speed Fan

    AC/DC dual-purpose, suitable for various environments;
    Strong wind, small size, work in even small space ;
    The head can be tilted 180 °, with limit adjustment, providing multi-directional cooling options;
    Multi-angle suspension, meet various working conditions.
    Waterproof Worklight 400LM
    New Product Launch

    Waterproof Worklight 400LM

    IP54 waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use;
    400 lumens high brightness, illuminating a wider range;
    High-efficiency COB and strip LED provides a wide range of lighting angles of 110°.
    G Series Long Nose Combination Pliers
    New Product Launch

    G Series Long Nose Combination Pliers

    High-leverage design;
    High-frequency hear-treatment blades;
    Comfortable grip with dual materials;

    Starting from "New" | Introduction of SATA New Energy Products

    SATA Automobile Equipment takes precautions to actively explore the NEV aftermarket, launching a series of special NEV maintenance equipment and tools. In the future, SATA Automobile Equipment will continue to launch more special maintenance equipment and tools in line with the needs of the industry, providing one-stop NEV maintenance solutions for manufacturers and stores.

    Skill Training

    A cooperative project jointly established and operated by SATA Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and vocational colleges. The project adopts the thinking of "Internet +" to adapt to the development of the automobile maintenance market and the cultivation of innovative talents, constantly improve the comprehensive professional ability and innovation and entrepreneurship ability of teachers and students of the automobile major, actively guide the education and teaching reform of the automobile major in middle and higher vocational colleges, accelerate the reform and innovation of the talent training mode, and cultivate "innovation and entrepreneurship talents" that meet the needs of the automotive aftermarket in the future.


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